Mothers' Day


Mothers' Day



Agnieszka; Vilnius, Lithuania /  Aldrete, Guadalupe; Floriana, Malta /  Anonymous; New York City, New York, USA / Anonymous; San Diego, California, USA / 18 Anonymous; Stinson Beach, California, USA /  Anonymous; Portobello Beach, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK /  Anonymous; Gent, Belgium /  Anonymous; London, UK /  Anonymous; Los Angeles, California, USA /  Anonymous; Plainview, New York, USA /  Anonymous; Portland, Oregon, USA /  Anonymous; Brooklyn, New York, USA /  Anonymous; Brisbane, Australia /  Baker Saltmarsh, Hannah; Athens, Georgia to Petersburg, Virginia, USA /  Beeston, Amy; Orkney, UK /  Blackburn, Araidia; Chicago, Illinois, USA /  Blythe, Elena; South Dakota, USA /  Bond, Brittany; Manhattan, New York, USA /  Bond, Joanna; Abercarn & London, UK /  Bonnie Berkeley; California, USA /  Bradley Smith, Susan; Melbourne, Australia /  Callegari, Luisa; São Paulo, Brazil /  Catherine; Brooklyn, New York, USA /  Chan, Joie; Hong Kong /  Cluff, Mya; Belgrade, Montana, USA /  Danka; Bydgoszcz, Poland /  Delfino, Jessica; New York City, New York, USA /  Dolan, Sarah; Alexandria, Virginia, USA /  Donnery, Jen; Coolrain Village, County Laois, Ireland / Edwards, Magdalena; Los Angeles, California, USA /  Edwards, Stephanie; Denver, Colorado, USA /  Grace; New York City, New York, USA /  Grant, Meagan; Beverly, Massachusetts, USA /  Grujičić, Jelena; Subotica, Serbia /  Hall, Ariel; Spruce Head and Camden, Maine, USA / Haroutunian, Nicole; Sesame Place, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA /  Heather; Christchurch, New Zealand / 168 Helen; Winchester, UK /  Hosking, Corrie; Ironbank, South Australia, Australia /  Johnston, Rachel; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK /  Julien-Fort, Janie; Sandbank National Park, Ontario, Canada /  Kain Gutowski, Sarah; Center Moriches, New York, USA /  Katie; Falls Church, Virginia, USA /  Kerwin, Rachel; Kyiv, Ukraine /  Kneipp, Jessica; Bolzano to Ortisei Dolomiti Mountains, Italy /  Lauren; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK /  LeRoy-Evans, Robyn; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA /  Lisa; South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA /  Lisa; Connecticut, USA /  Long, Jennifer; Toronto, Canada /  Maciesz, Patti; Oakland, California, USA /  Maggart, Rachel; London, UK /  Mardis Katz, Taylor; Chelsea, Vermont, USA /  Marsden, Chloë; Wellington, New Zealand /  McCandless, Jennifer; Burlington, Vermont, USA /  McDonnell, Rachel; Stroud, UK /  McNeilly Ammon, Sara; Nebraska City, Nebraska, USA /  Mehl West, Amanda; Albany, California, USA / Moodie, Rachel; Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia /  Mueller, Jessica; Chicago, Illinois, USA /  O’Hara, Dr. Emily; Auckland, New Zealand /  Opper, Candace Jane; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA /  Pritchett, Jenny; San Francisco, California, USA /  Ramona; Los Angeles, USA /  Reskala, Georgina; Santa Monica, California, USA /  Rita; Norwich, UK /  Roncero, Sofía; Colmenarejo, Madrid, Spain /  Rosalie; Stroud, UK /  Sally; Hastings, UK /  Sarah; Bath, Maine, USA /  Schaer, Hanna; Valbonne, France / Schmitt, Carly; Nuremberg, Germany /  Schram, Laurie; The Hague, The Netherlands / Staiger, Bérénice; Rotterdam, The Netherlands /  Szoke, Donna; St. Catharines, ON, Canada /  Thomas, Alyson; San Francisco, California, USA / Thompson, Corrie; Fort Worth, Texas, USA / Weir, Jenny; Belfast, Northern Ireland /  White, Caprice; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada /  Wood, Amanda; Vancouver, BC, Canada / Yajima, Shiori; Stary Sącz, Poland /

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Members of An Artist Residency in Motherhood were invited to simultaneously record the events of the July 15th, 2019, in as much or as little detail as they chose. The book shares accounts of the same single day from 81 people in 19 countries—all artists and mothers to children from six weeks to 33 years old. An Artist Residency in Motherhood was born out of a feeling of invisibility that I felt as a parent, and that I heard others experienced too. Though parenthood is an ongoing dance of tasks and experiences and near-constant engagement, I'd often find myself at the end of the day thinking I had done nothing all day. Mothers' Days is a 388 page document of what happens when nothing happens.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Labor: Motherhood & Art in 2020, University Art Museum, New Mexico State University.



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