Susan Merrick


Susan Merrick


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Susan Merrick is a multi-disciplinary Artist. She is interested in conversations, language and communication, in questioning whose voices are heard, and in the access and spaces that can challenge or facilitate this.

With a background in BSL/English Interpreting and Sociology she makes work, projects and collaborations exploring these themes, utilising a context-based mix of social engagement, live art, public installations, film making, collections and documentation.

With relation to the maternal, she is researching through practice language and social support/attitudes and the power this has on maternal mental states, bodily autonomy and status.


A Series of Events Two, Princes Hall, Aldershot
A Series of Events One, Platform 1 Gallery, Wandsworth, London
Inside Out 2018 Leyden Gallery
DAW Public Takeover 2018, Bank, London
Kunstal 45 Summer Exhibition 2017, Den Helder, The Netherlands
DAW Public Takeover 2017, Outside Tate Modern, London
DAW Midsummer Madness, Leyden Gallery (June)
DAW Performance Takeover, Leyden Gallery (April)
MotherHouse 2016
FiLiArt Exhibition, Iklectik, 2014



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