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The mission of the Artist Parent Index is to promote the study of care-taking and reproduction in the visual arts, aid in the exhibition of this work, and increase public understanding of art practices exploring these subjects.

The Artist Parent Index pursues these goals by providing a free, online, searchable database of artists, exhibits, and resources exploring reproduction and caretaking. The site is a research tool for students, artists, educators, curators, and the general public.


The Artist Parent Index is a searchable index of artists making work about their experience as a parent.


The Artist Parent Organization Index is a searchable index of organizations providing resources, platforms and services for artists who are parents.


The Exhibition Archive is a searchable index of exhibits exploring concepts of parenthood.


Resource Library is a collection of books covering topics of art/reproductino/theory


To submit an artist, organization or exhibit to be included on the site visit our contributions page or email the information to info@artistparentindex.com. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback!


Who We Are:

Sarah Irvin - Founder

Kathryn Carney - Intern 


ProCreate Project

Museum of Motherhood


The Artist Parent Index was launched in January 2016.