William Glaser Wilson


William Glaser Wilson


William Glaser Wilson

Artist Statement

After the birth of my daughter, I took a stark turn in my practice by negating the representational and focused on the very origins of perception and spatial recognition. These LED photo installations act as windows to the world in how we begin to see as newborns, and how we come to recognize our natural surroundings. Using transparency paper, glass, and LED panels, the 'light' of the artwork emitting from the led panels mimics the qualities of a window; a view to which we situate ourselves in the world. We look outward, as if we are able to see the boundaries and fallacies of our vision. This window to the world is inhabited by the mind of a infant, or through an omniscient being (the parent). The prospect of beginning from nothing (in utero) and then leaving the womb to find the simplest object, scene, color, etc. simultaneously mesmerizing and stupefying was incredibly fascinating and a challenge.



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