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Renee Couture

Artist Statement

Influenced by the personal and the political, I explore a wide range of themes within my work. I have developed a diverse practice that allows my ideas to dictate media, form, and process. The project SUBROSA (Miscarriage) explores the confusion, sadness, conflicting emotions, and the process of moving forward after miscarriage. Sub rosa is the Latin term for "under the rose," which means "in secret.” For many, miscarriage is a secret and solitary experience. This may seem odd given one in four pregnancies result in miscarriage, approximately 750,000 to 1,000,000 every year in the United States. However, scores of women or families miscarry alone due to the “12-week rule.” Medically, miscarriage is treated as a “routine pregnancy complication.” Your doctor or midwife explain options. You receive a booklet with pictures and explanations designed to inform a woman/couple of the why’s and what-happens-next. People are uncomfortable talking about pregnancy loss, so they don’t. How do you mourn someone who never came into being? There are no rituals for miscarriage, thus no cultural steps or process designed to aid in mourning. You try to imagine a new future, a new what-happens-next. And in time, you do, though it is difficult.



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