Jessica Mongeon


Jessica Mongeon


Jessica Mongeon

Artist Statement

My work examines the relationship between humans and nature by juxtaposing landscape elements and human biology. By acknowledging our embodiment of nature, perhaps we can care for the ecosystems that sustain us as much as we care for our own bodies. My series, "Origins"are imaginary landscapes with placenta imagery, lichen, and mushrooms. The backgrounds contain silkscreened or painted abstracted placentas inspired by my own placenta print that I made after my son’s birth. The placenta symbolizes new life and connection because it is how the mother nourishes her child while in the womb. "Upon the Earth" combines a rocky landscape with moss between the cracks, various types of lichen, and silkscreened placenta prints. The title upon the earth speaks to the first steps of a baby; there are footprints from my child hidden in the background. It also refers to the saying "earthside" which refers to a baby being born.



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