Andi Arnovitz


Andi Arnovitz



Artist Statement

One of the topics my work explores is the tensions that exist within societies
and with the religions in those societies that pressure women into bearing children, and the
insensitivities that arise from this pressure. I particularly explore the medical side effects of
hormone treatments, issues of biological clocks ticking and limited egg reserves. Of particular
interest to me are the ethical and moral issues that accompany sperm and egg donors:
especially issues of greed and overuse of sperm and eggs.


“The Black List” /The Jerusalem Artist’s House/ 2017
“Persistent Realities” /USC/2015
Group Exhibit: “Trespassing” The Islamic Museum/Jerusalem/ 2020
Group Exhibit: “Relationships” HUC Museum/NYC/2019
Group Exhibit: “Intimate Transgressions” Chaing Kai Shek Museum of Tapei/ 2016
Group Exhibit: “Spectrum of Sexuality” HUC Musuem/NYC 2012



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