Corinne Botz


Corinne Botz


New York

Artist Statement

Seeing and acknowledging what we see has an ethical dimension. I use photography to
make things visible and to reveal experience or spaces that we might not otherwise have access to. A sustained focus on space, gender, and the body is central to my work with photography. Lactation rooms are everyday spaces that embody deeply felt subjective experiences of motherhood. Symbolically and materially, expressed milk is a substitute for the mother’s physical presence and emotional intimacy when separated from her child. Photographs in my series “Milk Factory,” offer insight into women’s personal experiences, the maternal body’s status in the workplace, and ideological contradictions inherent in modern parenthood and government policies. The photographs are named for the diverse professions of the pumping women. The solitary pumping rooms take on collective power through the accumulation of photographs.



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