Alberto Aguilar


Alberto Aguilar



Artist Statement

I am,
I am here.
Now I am here.
Where are you?
I make work where I am.
I have allowed for questions.
I look for the simplest solution.
I have allowed for contradiction.
I have allowed for open-endedness.
I want my work to clearly communicate.
I allow my hand to show to disrupt any illusion.
I use language, text, and my voice as pliable forms.
I build bridges of communication through various forms.
I let the form of the work reflect the actions of its making.
I arrange ordinary materials for people to rethink perception.
I organize things through value, size or other default methods.
I establish a framework to stay focused and reach an end point.
I use the materials that are at hand to capture fugitive moments.
I look for underlying patterns within existing structures and systems.
I measure, demarcate, and play with existing structures and systems.
I use repetition and the mirror image as a way to multiply visual potency.
I use repetition and the mirror image as a way to multiply visual potency.
I construct situations and spaces for people to interact and share a moment.
I rearrange ordinary objects for people to see their surroundings in new light.
I recognize what is already there allowing it to bring deeper implication to my work.
I make, repeat, and persevere allowing meaning to emerge through the act of doing.
I allow the path I take to show in the work so that others can enter and exit as I have.
When I arrive at the end there is always surprise.



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