Mirta Kupferminc


Mirta Kupferminc


Buenos Aires

Artist Statement

With everything what represents in general the role of the mother and in Jewish culture in particular ,Mirta Kupferminc´s work caused surprise to the artist herself . The impact around the presented work , overflowed any expectations about it. Mirta approaches that mother from seeking and highlight the multiple aspects of this multifaceted role , especially emphasizing its individuality as a woman but also as a collective and even mythological aspect. Mirta choose to work loyal to her eclectic style which prevails the transgression of structures and aesthetic formalities : appeals to the use of different materials and techniques responding exclusively to her conceptual idea and practical needs in every case . The artist says : “My proposal is to make soft habitable sculptures that function as attire , clothes , or a dress. Given that clothing covers us , but also allows us to show who we are. That “second skin” shows out an image, but as I can get inside “the body ” , I am submitting myself to the experience of being “ in” that mom´s body. ” As in concentric circles, where one lives inside the other, the artist creates a sculpture with a specific gravity itself but where the symbolic proposal is reinforced when one manages to get inside the artwork, literally. A living sculpture that can protect or devour us ; both physically and symbolically. Soft sculpture whose name contains a pun : “Eve : Chair of all mothers “ refers to the chair as an object as well as to the main, the primeval .



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