Kristine Moran


Kristine Moran



New York

Artist Statement

Through formal and abstract gestures, Kristine Moran presents a new series of paintings that consider the complexities of relationships and the charged psychological spaces that emotional exchanges can perpetuate. This is visualized by Moran's concern with bodily actions and the moment when an emotion or vision becomes articulated through the body and directed towards a familial or intimately related figure. In Moran's coherent yet clouded scenes, these actions are transformed by the artist into something more symbolic, possibly reminding the viewer of their own ties to other people or moments of intense outpour.

In many ways, Moran's paintings are a reflection of the physical and metaphysical spaces she has occupied or continues to occupy. The artist's studio, her home, and her art practice coalesce in unexpected ways. During countless hours spent observing and interacting with friends and family, issues of gender politics, domestic labor, relationship failures and personal moralities are laid bare to dissect. Various series of paintings have come to echo Moran's transition into motherhood and at the same time, becoming motherless. Whether through observation or lived experience, these moments make their way into loose narratives that form the basis for her paintings. These are often filled with absurdity, dark humor, and euphoria, mirroring the qualities of life.

Moran's interchange of the personal and professional is deeply connected to a lineage of female artists who have utilized their lived experience as a means of speaking to what it means to be alive. The artist sees her work closely aligned with the practices of Alice Neel, Louise Bourgeois, Elizabeth Murray and Frances Stark.



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