Christa Donner


Christa Donner


Artist Statement

Artmaking is my microscope and my scalpel: the tool I use to investigate the human organism through sensation and imagination. My recent studio practice looks to early feminist sci-fi while drawing from the matriarchal colony structures of social insects and the internal ecosystems of the microbiome to propose speculative models for human communities of the future, and to reimagine the architecture of our own bodies. Such inquiry must incorporate the experiences of others if it is to evolve. Embedded in my artistic practice is an exchange between individuals and communities that extends from the fictional to lived experiences and experiments. In 2012 I initiated the creative platform Cultural ReProducers, which incorporates artist interviews and skillsharing, small-press zines, collaborative events, institutional interventions, and an active online forum to explore the intersection of parenthood and creative practice. My speculative work in the studio is amplified by the community of creative thinkers and cultural workers raising children who I collaborate with and advocate for. This community will continue to evolve as its participants grow and change.



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