Zoe Freney


Zoe Freney



South Australia

Artist Statement

Zoe Freney is an artist, writer, educator and mother. These roles jostle for attention and time, but mothering is a constant occupation, and it is this never-letting-up that is borne out in Freney’s works. For Freney, painting remains a vital means of expression. The painting Thinking of Flying (2018) describes the frustration of having to forego the creative, meaning-making practices of painting as one struggles instead with the daily tasks of child rearing and the demands of the household. But within mothering there is still room for dreaming and reflection. There are opportunities to nurture children’s imaginations, to initiate them into creative lives. While Freney’s work examines the banality and joys of mothering, it is also about transcendence. We are all thinking of flying.


Silver Linings, Praxis Artspace, Bowden, South Australia, 20 June – 17 July 2019
Motherology, Collective Haunt Inc, Norwood South Australia, 8 November – 9 December 2018
Good Mother, Central Gallery, Glenside South Australia, 12 August—7 September 2018



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