Amy Dignam


Amy Dignam


United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Amy’s work is about everyday life, identity, childhood memories and longing.

Amy’s art practice explores the mundane and originates from the female body and its existence as a mother/wife/artist. Her work is mainly autobiographical - about the process of becoming identity-less and finding herself yet again in some strange foreign place- motherhood.

"Becoming a mother is a bit like dying. You can see your past life pass before your eyes, but unlike death, you get the time to analyze your own childhood, your own memories, your gains and your losses."

Through her artwork she explores the events of her past and tries to maximize the worth of her ‘here and now’.

She uses different media to investigate these topics; drawings, photography, video, performance and installation.

Italian born Amy moved to London in 1998. Graduating from Central Saint Martins College in 2005 she continued to work in her home studio. She’s the founder and curator of the Desperate Artwives project - a collective of women artists whose work is entirely created in-between domestic chores, paying the bills and family life.



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